Partner stories

These stories are a collection of educator professional learning experiences and opportunities provided by ESD, CBO and Tribal School partners.

Partner Stories

ClimeTime partners offer a variety of methods in supporting teacher professional development for climate education. These stories highlight partner successes in educating teachers across Washington state about the many ways in which climate science and the focus on local phenomena-based learning can engage both teachers and students.

By sharing these stories, ClimeTime hopes that educators, students, and anyone invested in rigorous and experiential science learning will be inspired to explore how they can engage with climate science in their region. ClimeTime values the work of Washington’s students, teachers, and community-based partners, and seeks to celebrate their commitment to engaging learning experiences.

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Building Capacity for K-5 Professional Learning

Building Capacity for K-5 Professional Learning

In July, 2018, Science Master Trainers and 7 new “Apprentice Trainers” met for three days to develop facilitation materials for a six hour “Foundational Professional Learning” session for “NGSS Phase 1” comprised of Smithsonian Science for the Classroom units for...

Solutions Oriented Learning Storylines (SOLS)

Solutions Oriented Learning Storylines (SOLS)

Design Team meeting at PEI with Cinnamon Bear Enos joining by video conference and Kathryn Kurtz, Laura Tucker and Dave Ketter at the table. The 2-day Performance Task Design meeting was held at the headquarters of the Pacific Education Institute (PEI) in Olympia,...