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Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve provides middle and high school teacher professional development workshops around climate science, ocean acidification, and data literacy. We have completed 3 of our 4 planned workshops, and have reached approximately 42 teachers.

The workshops were developed in collaboration with UC Berkeley-Lawrence Hall of Science and are based on a 12 week pre-service teacher course called Advancing Climate Literacy through investment in In-Service and Pre-Service Science Educators (ACLIPSE). It complements the middle school curriculum in the GEMS series, Ocean Sciences Sequence.

Teachers gain a clear understanding of the connections between CO2 emissions and global effects like warming climate, sea level rise, and ocean acidification. The workshops include hands-on experiments that demonstrate carbon moving through living systems, model-building to connect cause and effect, and data activities that make use of student-generated data as well as local weather data and global online data. The workshop includes a student activity that focuses on solutions at various levels from individual choices to international efforts. There is ample time for reflecting on learning and implementation planning.

Teacher Professional Learning

All activities are explicitly connected to NGSS practices and concepts. We periodically reflect on activities and call out the NGSS connections. We include metacognition, reflecting on the pedagogy behind activities as they relate to research on how people learn.

This curriculum has an inclusive PD aspect. A Swinomish collaborator presented his knowledge on how traditional cultural knowledge complements scientific knowledge as the tribal community addresses environmental problems. He shared a local curriculum called Thirteen Moons, where environmental issues are connected to annual seasons and traditional uses of plants and animals. Jude Apple at Padilla is also a facilitator as an ocean scientist. The CBO was hoping to reach teachers to support Tulalip students but has yet to make the connection.

Teacher Workshop Sessions

Three of four workshops were implemented in October, January and March. The final three-day session will be held at Padilla Bay in June.

Partners & Collaborators

UC Berkeley-Lawrence Hall of Science

Upcoming Workshops

Carbonated Water: Teaching Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

A Professional Development workshop for Middle and High School Teachers

Dates and Times:
Tuesday, August 11
9:00-11:30 and 1:00-3:00

Thursday, August 13
9:00-11:30 and 1:00-3:00

This is an interactive, online class using Zoom.

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Success Stories from Padilla Bay

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