Earth Systems and Changes

October 29, 2018

Oct 29, 2018 | ESD 123

Earth Systems and Changes

2 cohorts of 24 teachers each met at the MC BONES Research Foundation Center in Coyote Canyon, Kennewick WA. To learn about erosion/soil deposition, fossils as indicators of climate changes, and cycles of climate change from the Ice Age Floods contrasted to climate change cycles in recent history.

Cohort 2 Teachers measuring a 1 meter plot, digging and mapping findings.

Teachers engaged in preparing a 1m dig plot and then digging for potential important organism and geological artifacts. Teachers also measured and mapped flood deposit layers in the active dig area, learned to wet screen to reveal remnants of organisms and to “pick” to sort those remnants. Each cohort will engage in 2 follow-up sessions to develop classroom tasks specific to Earth Science and their grade level standards.

“Thanks for another great opportunity for authentic learning and fun! I get so excited about this stuff! ….I am thrilled to be part of another one of your adventures!” -Lorianne D., Cohort 2 participant

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