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ClimeTime Resources

2021 STEM Education Report Card

Washington State STEM Education Innovation Alliance

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Washington ClimeTime 2018-19 Case Study Report

This report provides four case studies generated from activity within the ClimeTime proviso work during the fiscal year 2018-2019. Lessons learned from these case studies are provided and next steps are suggested.

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ClimeTime OER Commons

All ClimeTime developed resources are shared through the OER Commons group. This group includes teacher professional development resources as well as instructional materials resources developed under this grant.

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Climate literacy and energy awareness network (CLEAN)

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Climate Science Proviso 2018-19 Final Survey Report

This 2018-19 survey report discusses data from three surveys about ClimeTime professional development of science teachers across Washington between September 1, 2018 and June 15, 2019.

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STEM Teaching Tool #12: Scientific literacy and global climate change

Scientific literacy involves understanding global climate change & what people can do about it

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STEM Teaching Tool #44: Controversial science topics

Addressing controversial science topics in the K-12 classroom

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Video Resources

ClimeTime: Why Teach Climate Science?

Find out why teachers need to teach climate science education and what resources are available to help.

ClimeTime: Community Based Organizations

Connecting with CBOs – Community Based Organizations – can help educators learn the most current and accurate information on climate change. Meet organizations who are working with schools and educational service districts to educate teachers who can bring what they learn back to the classroom.

ClimeTime: Student Voice

Across the world, youth are leaving the classroom and marching in the streets to bring attention to the climate change emergency. The student-directed global protest movement has taken ahold with middle and high school aged youth. Find out more about student involvement with climate change.

ClimeTime: Teaching Climate Science in the Classroom

Teachers across the state of Washington are learning about climate science and bringing that knowledge into their classrooms. Learn more about this state-wide initiative through the field trips and seminars teachers and students attend.