Front and Centered

Front and Centered is a diverse coalition of communities of color-led organizations across Washington State that come together to advance social, environmental, and climate justice. We follow the leadership, knowledge, and expertise of the coalition members and strive to ensure a Just Transition, where frontline communities are at the forefront of building equitable, democratic systems and creating transformative environmental and economic outcomes where everyone can thrive.

Teacher Professional Learning

Part of this transition includes fostering learning communities where formal and informal education converges in the creation of welcoming and inclusive spaces, where cultural values and different forms of knowledge are valued, and where our children and youth can develop a sense of belonging. At Front & Centered, community education is conceived as a collaborative exercise to incorporate the Just Transition framework into community-driven and place-based efforts to implement environmental and climate justice strategies to enhance community resilience.

Teacher Workshop Sessions

As we advance on learning in coalition and in community, our website will include more educational resources. For more information contact Isabel Carrera Zamanillo, Community Education Coordinator, at

Padilla Bay