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Puget Sound ESD’s ClimeTime work engages teachers and district leader partners in professional learning using the NGSS climate science standards to ensure each of their students, especially those underserved in our current science learning systems, with relevant, phenomena-driven learning opportunities. We partner with community-based organizations to provide both professional learning for teachers and for district science leaders.

Teacher Professional Development

Collaborating for Ambitious Science Teacher Learning (CASTL)

CASTL is a partnership between Puget Sound ESD, Northwest ESD and Olympic ESD to engage teachers in the Ambitious Science Teacher (AST) framework and support their implementation of the AST practices through the examination of student work. In 2019-2020, PSESD will partner with Washington Green Schools to share an NGSS-aligned Air Quality learning opportunity with a cohort of elementary teachers. These teachers will gather monthly during the school year to receive support to implement Ambitious Science Teaching practices connected to the climate science standards at their grade levels.

Climate Science for Middle School

At middle school, we again partner with Washington Green Schools to engage life, Earth and physical science teachers in the climate science standards for their content area. In addition, we will support their identification and use of local, climate science-related contexts that are more likely to engage their curious learners.

Climate Science for High School Chemistry & Physics Teachers

Our high school project builds on previous work supporting chemistry and physics teachers as they embed science concepts in local climate science phenomena. This year, our high school participants will pay particular attention to climate justice phenomena.

Leadership Support

Puget Sound Science Leadership Collaborative

The Science Leadership Collaborative is a partnership between Puget Sound ESD, the North Sound LASER Alliance and the South Sound LASER Alliance. District science leaders come together several times a year to work together around common interests (e.g. instructional practices, cultural competence, curriculum-assessment resources). Climate justice and climate proviso resources will be shared at this years’ meetings. Compelling phenomena in this work include “Why do people living less than one mile apart have nearly a 10-year difference in life expectancy?” and “How could the immigration of Europeans to the Americas have contributed to the Little Ice Age?”

Partners & Collaborators

  • University of Washington Ambitious Science Teaching group
  • PASTL Teacher Leaders
  • South Sound and North Sound LASER Alliances
  • Washington Green Schools
  • IslandWood

Success Stories from Puget Sound ESD

Elementary ClimeTime Institute

Elementary ClimeTime Institute

The Elementary ClimeTime Institute offered by ESD121 created a hybrid professional learning community of K-5 educators who used the phenomenon of poor air quality due to wildfires to learn how to engage with the NGSS science and engineering practices through the pedagogical approaches outlined in the Ambitious Science Teaching (AST) Project.

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Elementary ClimeTime PLC Meets Again!

Elementary ClimeTime PLC Meets Again!

Twenty teachers met, once again, for our monthly Elementary ClimeTime professional learning community gathering on April 21. This month, we spent time with a “Less Like …” “More Like …” table designed to help us thinking through science learning in this new reality....

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NGSS Climate Science and the Diverse Classrooms

NGSS Climate Science and the Diverse Classrooms

Thirty-one teachers from across the Puget Sound region joined Karina Vanderbilt Multilingual Learning Director at Puget Sound ESD for a day of learning about how to support multilingual learners in science classroom. We started the day by experiencing a lesson on...

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