Partner stories

These stories are a collection of educator professional learning experiences and opportunities provided by ESD, CBO and Tribal School partners.

Partner Stories

Teaching for the Climate Collaborative (TCC)

Four CBO partners make up the Teaching for the Climate Collaborative: Common Threads Farm, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA), RE Sources: Sustainable Schools, and Wild Whatcom. The four CBO partners who specialize in school gardens, salmon recovery, natural resource conservation, and nature immersion provide experiential education that gets students outside, keeps lessons place-based, and teaches hope and resilience, respect, and conservation of nature.

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ClimeTime cited in leading science journal

ClimeTime cited in leading science journal

The Washington state program ClimeTime, which is facilitated by the state’s nine Education Service Districts (ESDs) and community partners, was recently cited as a popular and effective model for educator education in climate science. The Journal of Science Policy and...

My Time with ClimeTime

My Time with ClimeTime

Written by Kiana Jenkins, Common Threads Food Educator, Spring 2020 As an AmeriCorp member here at Common Threads, I’ve had the opportunity to take part in ClimeTime, a series of professional development workshops for Whatcom County teachers. The primary focus of the...