ClimeTime Assessment Project

Educators, educational assessment specialists, and leaders within the ClimeTime Initiative have been engaged in designing example assessments to provide guidance and learning opportunities around equitable NGSS three dimensional assessment practices. These assessments are provided to offer visions of what such assessment activity could look – not as “perfect” examples but as learning objects – to help facilitate the improvement of these practices in our learning environments. We expect that these assessments will be used as learning resources for educators and as such will be analyzed and examined to understand their NGSS dimensionality and how they address issues of equity. It is in this spirit that they were created.


We approach assessment development not as a task but as an activity engaged in by both educators and learners. As such, the assessments on this site include teacher guides with valuable information on how to frame the assessment activity and sensemaking tools for educators and learners to use in understanding responses to particular assessment tasks.

We also acknowledge that creating assessments like these without knowing a particular course of instruction is challenging as instruction and assessment iterate at many different scales during teaching and learning. In order to address this issue, we encourage anyone using these assessments in their own context to contextualize them for their learners and localities – and to this end are providing these resources in editable formats. In addition, we have provided resources specific to assessment design and implementation to support such work.



Assessment Developers

  • Neeraj Agnihotri, Kent School District
  • Shelley Boyce, Orting School District
  • Barbara Bromley, Edmonds School District
  • Brianne Caviness, Clover Park School District
  • Scott Conlan, Sedro-Woolley School District
  • Jodi Crimmins, Oak Harbor Public Schools
  • Brian Ehlert, Graham Kapowsin High School
  • Baljinder Grewel, Kent School District
  • Tom Hathorn, Washington LASER
  • Nicole Kraght, Kent School District
  • Alexis MacNevin, Lynden School District
  • Sarah Neyman, Bellingham Public Schools
  • Jacob Parikh, OSPI
  • Korey Peterson, OSPI
  • Jeff Ryan, Olympic Educational Service District, #114
  • Christina Scott, Glacier Peak High School
  • Larissa Threats, Clover Park School District
  • Jessica Torvik Lee, Shoreline School District
  • Elizabeth Vroom, Bainbridge Island School District
  • Steven White, Graham Kapowsin High school
  • Alisa Winkler, Renton School District

Assessment Review and Publication

  • Dawn Cope, Science Assessment Lead, OSPI
  • Tom Hathorn, Science Education Consultant, Equity-Focused Science Leadership
  • Deb L. Morrison, Learning Scientist, Institute of Science+Math Education, University of Washington
  • Jacob Parikh, Science Assessment Specialist, OSPI
  • Korey Ann Peterson, Science Assessment Specialist, OSPI
  • Jeff Ryan, Regional Science Coordinator, ESD 114