Unlocking the Future – Science is Key

April 11, 2023

Apr 11, 2023 | ESD 123

Science Education is essential for our future.

Our future health, homes, and communities. We need all students to have a solid science educational foundation so they can make informed decisions in their future. We must start with elementary science. Too many students in elementary are not receiving a quality science education and this trickles up to middle school students that are not prepared for the rigor, and struggle. When these Middle school students enter high school the gap becomes even bigger and now impacts career choices. This starts to become an inequity in opportunity, and we can’t let that be! It’s time to bring science back in all classrooms, at all ages!

Mary LeCompte and Beth Gonzalez Teachers in Pasco WA

This was the theme of the Unlocking the Future- Science is Key, advocacy event, held at The REACH in Richland, WA on March 22, 2023. The goal and mission of the event is to bring attention back to the need for elementary science. District leaders, teachers, and community members gathered together to consider why science at all grade levels is essential for the successful future of Earth. As Lorianne Donovan, Regional Science Coordinator at ESD 123 stated in her speech, “Not every child will grow up to be a scientist or engineer, but every student will grow up to need science in their lives.”. As we consider the challenges of a changing climate, we need science literate citizens to be ready to step up and think scientifically. Molly Brinkley, Educational Technology Coordinator at ESD 123 then spoke about …”How we have a unique opportunity to engage students in rich discussions. We need to emphasize problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills to spark students’ curiosity about the world around them. It is our responsibility to ensure that our students have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in this rapidly changing world.” This is what high quality science education offers every student.

Are you the missing piece?

At the closing of the event teachers and district leaders gathered puzzle pieces by answering questions about science in the community and wandering through the museum. When the questions were answered, they earned a puzzle piece. When all 10 pieces were collected, the puzzle asked, “ Are you the missing piece?” to Unlocking the Future for our students.

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