Solutions Oriented Learning Storylines: Writing Workshop – Focus on Fire

September 23, 2019

Solutions Oriented Learning Storylines: Writing Workshop – Focus on Fire

Over the course of three days (August 19th-21st), half a dozen educators from around the state joined Pacific Education Institute staff in Castle Rock to write curriculum on fire science, with the goal that they will help facilitate PEI workshops on this topic during the 19-20 school year. This Storyline workshop viewed the topic in question through the lens of climate science solutions and instructional best practices — including teacher professional development, tribal, rural, bilingual, and migrant education. Discussions focused on how to link fire science education with local questions, problems, issues, and opportunities that will more easily engage students who have historically been underserved in science by integrating subjects around highly relevant content.

Assistant Region Manager Bob Johnson (center), in the Pacific Cascade Region command center

In addition to folding together 3-D NGSS and Indigenous ways of knowing, this workshop exposed participants to the equipment, personnel, and processes at the Department of Natural Resources’s command center for the Pacific Cascade Region.

Chewelah Teacher Candy Kristovich observing fire command center employees at work

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