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On May 29th, 2020, 25 nonformal educators from Western Washington came together online to discuss climate science in K-12 schools, climate science within their programs, and review PEI’s Solutions Oriented Learning Storylines on the topics of Regenerative Agriculture, Forest Carbon Sequestration and Erosion. Participants heard an overview of the ClimeTime Proviso and PEI’s Solutions Oriented Learning Storylines (SOLS) project. The project overview included specific connections to native ways of knowing, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), elevating student voice and locally relevant phenomena.

Participants collaborated in break out groups discussing climate science for K-12 students and reviewing PEI’s storylines. After looking at the storylines, groups shared their notes and discussed how it could connect to their programs or with their current school partnerships.

Participants sharing their favorite part of the workshop. Collaboration time was the top response!

PEI facilitated this work with nonformal educators because they are key to creating locally relevant science learning experiences that support K-12 students and by sharing resources and thinking about partnerships we can work towards a more cohesive science learning experience for all students.