Solutions Oriented Learning Storylines (SOLS)

Design Team meeting at PEI with Cinnamon Bear Enos joining by video conference and Kathryn Kurtz, Laura Tucker and Dave Ketter at the table.

The 2-day Performance Task Design meeting was held at the headquarters of the Pacific Education Institute (PEI) in Olympia, Washington. Meeting attendees included project leads (Kathryn Kurtz, PEI and Abby Ruskey, Project Drawdown) and lead team Education and Tribal Science Consultants (Laura Tucker, Cinnamon Bear Enos, Jennifer LeBret, Polo Hernandez and David Ketter). The meeting purpose was to build the working relationships of Lead Team members in order to effectively and efficiently co-design the template for writing the curriculum with a larger group of 20 curriculum specialists and teachers on August 1-3, 2018.

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