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August 15th and 16th, in picturesque Battle Ground, 18 educators, along with 3 community partners, attended a Pacific Education Institute workshop on the role of Washington’s forests in climate change resiliency. PEI faculty gave presentations on local anchoring phenomena, NGSS three-dimensional formative assessment, and a solutions-oriented approach to drawing down greenhouse gases. In line with PEI’s mission, this was all built around ways to elevate student voices in their communities.

PEI’s Lower Columbia FieldSTEM Coordinator Chad Mullen having fun at the workshop

PEI’s SOL Storylines incorporate traditional ecological knowledge, so we were honored to have Cinnamon Bear as a special guest, presenting an indigenous perspective on climate change. This multi-faceted workshop was rounded out by Steve Ogden, from the Department of Natural Resources, who took attendees on a walk in a nearby forest to explain which factors are considered when logging is approved.

Cinnamon Bear instructs attendees on making cordage

Many of the 5-12 classroom teachers who attended will go on to implement this cutting-edge curriculum, bringing environmental awareness to students across the state.