Regenerative Agriculture Storyline Workshop

For two days this month (October 9th and 10th), 10 educators learned about the role of regenerative agriculture in Washington’s key industry and its contribution to climate resiliency. PEI’s Central FieldSTEM Coordinator Megan Rivard led attendees in engaging activities built around the organization’s solutions-oriented learning storyline format, which includes: local anchoring phenomena, culturally responsive practices tied to Since Time Immemorial, and NGSS three-dimensional formative assessment.

Teachers brainstormed ideas together

As usual with PEI, participants got a lot of time outside at this two-day workshop, including a tour of Anderson Hay & Grain’s facilities and a farm-to-table lunch experience at Green Bow Farms. With discussions on questions like “What is the role of soil in agriculture and climate change?” these middle and high school teachers took away valuable skills and knowledge. Many of them will go on to implement this cutting-edge curriculum in their classrooms, bringing environmental awareness to students across the state.

Green Bow Farm showed how easy it is to move produce straight from the field to the table

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