Indigenous educators, climate literacy and NGSS specialists work with lead teachers to develop first drafts of Solutions Oriented Learning curriculum

PEI Professional Development: Locally Relevant 3-D Climate Science for Drawdown Storyline Writing

On August 1st, 15 educators from 9 school districts participated in a 3-day workshop with project partners PEI, Braided Education Consulting, Cinnamon Bear Enos, Abby Ruskey, and Laura Tucker to begin designing storylines aligned to NGSS climate science performance expectations for classroom use.

Teams focused on the following grades: 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and high school earth science. Storyline topics included food waste, erosion, and land use. Participants were eligible to earn 18 WA State approved STEM clock hours at no cost.

Teachers who participated in the three day writing workshop were very positive overall about the professional learning experience – all teachers gave a positive overall workshop rating and reported that the information presented in the workshop was useful to their work. Teachers reported the highest gains in their understanding of:

  1. how to use storylines to integrate Drawdown solutions with science content (88% increase of positive responses from pre to post)
  2. how cultural connections will help address science standards (50% increase in positive responses from pre to post)

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