Partner stories

These stories are a collection of educator professional learning experiences and opportunities provided by ESD, CBO and Tribal School partners.

Partner Stories

ClimeTime partners offer a variety of methods in supporting teacher professional development for climate education. These stories highlight partner successes in educating teachers across Washington state about the many ways in which climate science and the focus on local phenomena-based learning can engage both teachers and students.

By sharing these stories, ClimeTime hopes that educators, students, and anyone invested in rigorous and experiential science learning will be inspired to explore how they can engage with climate science in their region. ClimeTime values the work of Washington’s students, teachers, and community-based partners, and seeks to celebrate their commitment to engaging learning experiences.

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Forests and Climate Resilience

Forests and Climate Resilience

It’s difficult to see hope and resilience when glaciers are melting, salmon populations are dwindling and sea levels are rising. But there are efforts to make our planet more resilient all across the planet and right in our own backyards. And that is a reason for...

ClimeTime Canvas Courses

ClimeTime Canvas Courses

Once again, we were able to offer professionally-moderated and self-guided Canvas Courses to our State's educators. To date, we've had 92 participants complete our five unique and challenging self-guided courses, with 454 still working toward completing all required...