Computer Science Children’s Book Study

March 20, 2023

Mar 20, 2023 | PSESD

Computer Science Children's Book Study
A Computer Called Katherine Book

At our book study sessions, teachers meet in a cross-grade breakout to make sense of the computer science ideas embedded in the readings.

They then meet in grade banded breakouts to apply their new understanding to learning opportunities that they share with their students. This class met five times over the course of two months. Teachers read one children’s book and one chapter from the book entitled, “Help Your Kids with Computer Science”.

Prior to our meetings, teachers reflected on two sets of questions,

  1. What surprised you in your reading? Which book and where in the book did the idea come up? How did the reading change or add to your thinking? Why was that?
  2. How do these ideas connect with work you are doing with your students?

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