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For a second time this year, the NCESD and Department of Ecology partnered up to offer a fully asynchronous Canvas Course designed to support teachers in learning about the principles of green chemistry and sustainable design. Teachers work their way through several modules that allow them to explore resources they can use to teach these principles to their middle school students. Department of Ecology’s green chemist, Saskia van Bergen, and NCESD’s regional science coordinator, Cari Haug facilitated the discussion boards to support educators with their learning.

Eleven educators engaged in the course this past October. They watched videos, read articles, reviewed curriculum, and planned for implementation of their learning in their classrooms. Participants also had an opportunity to discuss their learning with others in the discussion boards. In several boards, participants shared additional resources with one another through these discussions. Educators were supplied with materials to some of the curriculum resources prior to the start of the course so they could try the lessons in their classrooms or homes. These materials were provided by the Washington Department of Ecology.

Educators that completed the course provided feedback that indicated they would be implementing their learning with students this academic year and would appreciate future workshops to learn more about the topics of green chemistry and sustainable design. We hope to offer this course and more in the future.