High School Teachers Work to Bring NGSS-aligned Curriculum to Their Students

June 29, 2022

Jun 29, 2022 | NCESD 171

NGSS-aligned Curriculum

Summer break was delayed one more week for a dedicated group of teachers from Wenatchee High School as they came together for an intense work session to revise their science curriculum for next year.

This group of 8 teachers have been working together for over 5 years to create OER units based on the integrated conceptual model of the NGSS as provided in Appendix K. This year they focused on Course 2 titled Integrated Geology Biology. In the fall, the group used the Equip rubric to evaluate their current units and make a plan for the school year on collecting data and trying small changes throughout the year with their students based on their evaluation outcomes from the rubric. The group reconvened June 20 – 24 to share what they had learned over the course of the school year and rework the six units that comprise the Course 2 curriculum. Energy was high and the collaboration was inspiring as teachers divided the work, made commitments to each other, and completed what they set out to do in the time they had together. Mechelle LaLanne has worked with this team from the beginning and came back to facilitate this work once again. Her familiarity with the team and process led to a smooth, productive week with a valuable product of work. These teachers are ready for their next school year, including a calendar of scope and sequence. The materials are ready to share widely with other teachers in need of NGSS-aligned curriculum that is developed around the Ambitious Science Teaching framework. Units include titles such as Star Stuff, Fat Bear and Wildfire.

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