Foundations of Climate Change


Feb 20 2024


12:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Come learn with EarthGen in this virtual professional development opportunity designed for Washington teachers. Through asynchronous learning via Canvas, participants will have a chance to authentically engage with activities and experts as they grow their understanding how climate change has and will impact their community. Participants will engage with NGSS concepts including developing and using models, and obtaining, interpreting, and communicating information. Analyze and interpret recent climate science data with Dr. Kat Huybers, a climate scientist and lecturer from the University of Washington and progress understanding on the most salient climate change indicators in Washington.

Teachers will leave this training with increased preparedness to facilitate climate science-focused activities using the science & engineering practices of analyzing and interpreting data and constructing explanations and designing solutions. Teachers will learn from professionals in their region who are doing work to combat this climate change impact in an effort to prepare them with resources to spur action in their community.

This course will run from February 20th – June14th. Registration will be on a rolling basis and open until June 7th. We will process clock hours at the first of every month and by June 30th.

STEM Clock Hours:
Teachers will receive 3 STEM Clock Hours upon completion of the entire experience.

Tue, February 20 – Fri, June 14, 2024
12:00 AM – 12:00 AM