Just Hack: A Just Transition Challenge


Nov 17 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Join Front and Centered, Latino Community Fund, People’s Economy Lab, and other organizations across Washington State in the Just Hack: A Just Transition Challenge, on November 17-18, in Seattle or Yakima Valley, to co-create solutions to address social, environmental, and climate justice issues.

ALL skills are welcome, from arts, crafts, and activism to science and tech; there are no small ideas to tackle what impacts our communities. Plus, there are great prizes… More than $5000 in prizes for the most creative projects!!!

Four categories to work on: Just economy, food justice, environmental justice, and inclusive+resilient communities.

Individuals over 16 years old from all backgrounds, with all interests and skills (artists, activists, crafters, storytellers, techies, scientists…) are invited. Team up and address a meaningful challenge, while learning in action what a just transition looks like.

Challenge Categories

Category A: Just Economy – El Tianguis
Imagine an economy that doesn’t just work for a select few but embraces everyone. That’s a
Just Economy for you! It champions the creation of inclusive economic circuits, ensuring that
every worker not only has a fulfilling job but also holds a bigger slice of the pie they help bake.

Potential Project Areas:

  • Co-ops: Explore how cooperative models can empower workers.
  • Labor Organizing: Dive into the world of labor organizing and rights.
  • Small Business Advancement: Solutions that propel small businesses forward.

Category B: Environmental Justice and Local Pollution – El Buen Vivir
In Washington, the most impacted by pollution are often the most vulnerable. Embracing the
Quechua vision of sumak kawsay, ‘El Buen Vivir’ is all about championing human rights,
ensuring everyone has access to pristine environments for a flourishing life.

Potential Project Areas:

  • Energy Justice: Make renewable energy accessible for all.
  • Pollution Patrol: Tackle water, soil, and air contamination.
  • Reuse-Recycle: Innovate pollution-cutting alternatives.

Category C: Resilient and Inclusive Communities – La comunidad es mi

No matter where we hang our hats in Washington, the shadows of climate change loom. Yet,
these shadows don’t fall evenly. Communities of color, our Indigenous neighbors, those with
limited financial resources, and our rural brethren often find themselves on the frontline of
climate adversities. It’s time to change that narrative!

Potential Project Areas:

  • Inclusive Transportation: Crafting pathways for everyone to move freely.
  • Green Vehicles: Envisioning the next wave of eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Affordable Housing: Homes that welcome all, without burning a hole in pockets.

Category D: Food Justice – Barriga Llena
Good food isn’t just about satisfying our taste buds. Food justice goes beyond having access to
nutritious food, it entails the right of communities to have access to healthy and culturally
appropriate food. It’s not just about filling our plates, but ensuring that what’s on the plate
reflects our traditions, our health, and our community’s right to both.

Potential Projects Areas:

  • Community Gardens: Sowing seeds of change, one community plot at a time.
  • Access to Healthy and Cultural Foods: Ensuring every meal nourishes the body and
  • Farm-to-Table Practices: Bridging the gap between farms and forks for the freshest fare.

Each team will need to submit:

  • Name of the team (be creative!)
  • First names of the team members
  • Type of challenge addressed (look at the categories)
  • “Prototype”: Either share a link for digital content or share a photo for physical objects
  • Teams will have a chance to record a 1-3 minute elevator pitch to explain their solution to
    the judges (here’s a great example you can watch for inspiration)


Friday, November 17th: Friday Night Social

  • Connect with our hosts, mentors, and key members
  • Find your crew and set the stage for collaboration
  • Dive into challenge details and let your imagination fly

Saturday, November 18th: Main Event

  • Dream big and co-create solutions with your team
  • Network with fellow participants and industry partners
  • Showcase your solution and celebrate


Location A: Centro de la Raza: Centilida Cultural Center
Location B: Heritage University