Empowering students to learn through hands-on problem solving — using a video game!

March 23, 2019

Mar 23, 2019 | NEWESD 101

Tyto Online empowers students to learn through hands-on problem solving — using a video game!

Working with Washington State to Increase Climate Literacy

In partnership with NEWESD, Tyto Online developed a new Weather & Climate Module that includes Climate Change, focused on NGSS 6-8 standards, with an initial pilot showing a statistically significant 7% improvement in applied knowledge after one week of use.

Three-Dimensional Climate Change Learning

Tyto Online engages students to directly interact with science phenomena in the game, learning through three-dimensional learning by collecting data, analyzing evidence, and developing their conceptual understanding.

Ready-to-go Storylines
Quests help students progress through developing their understanding, with pre-built storylines that build up students’ understanding across a series of quests. For Weather & Climate these include:

  1. exploring rain shadow to discover how precipitation forms as air cools and condenses over the mountain
  2. tornados to explore air mass interactions and predictions
  3. The Pacific Garbage Patch as a basis for global air and water currents
  4. coral bleaching as an entry into climate change and its effects

Weather & Climate Sandbox
Players fix a broken planet, adjusting tilt, rotation, and air masses until biomes stabilize and spring to life! They then must carefully manage the burgeoning human population, balancing their need for energy and resources without damaging the planet.


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