Computer Science Integration in the Science Classroom Grades 3-6 & Grades 5-8

March 29, 2023

Mar 29, 2023 | ESD 105

Computer Science Integration in the Science Classroom Grades 3-6 & Grades 5-8

Participants exploring conductivity using a MakeyMakey

This collaborative series which was led by Luke Matlack (Regional Science Coordinator) and Mike Batali (Computer Science/Educational Technology Coordinator) recently concluded. Participants teaching grades 3-8 had the opportunity to attend up to four full day sessions from October to February of 2023. The focus of the project was to engage participants in computational thinking strategies through the integration of computer science with science content. Participants explored and received the following devices that were highlighted in specific sessions. (Ozobot, MakeyMakey, Microbit, and a Climate Action kit)

In one of the sessions, participants were using Makey Makey devices, Makey Makey apps, and Scratch coding. Participants (3rd through 6th grade teachers) were led through lessons of conductivity and switches. This session culminated in designing and coding a guitar that integrated the Makey Makey to play musical notes and sounds.

Creating code to operate an automated plant watering system

During the second portion of the project participants explored block coding and content integration using a microbit. Next, a Climate Action Kit was paired with the microbit to explore topics around climate education and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Using a block coding platform, participants used sensors, motors, pumps, and servos to create both an automated plant watering system and an automated seed spreader.

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