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What is the connection between climate change and energy consumption? What can you and your students do to lessen your energy usage at school and at home? Join EarthGen (formerly Washington Green Schools), ESD 123 and ESD 105 VIRTUALLY to learn about energy efficiency and conservation, as well as the relationship between energy usage and climate change. Earthgen is offering four trainings, from 4-5:30pm, to prepare teachers to implement the Energy Matters unit. Energy Matters is an adaptive series of modules developed for middle school. This resource is set up in four modules, each representing a different level including: Individual, School, Global, Community. Each training will focus on one of these levels, along with two hours of asynchronous work.

Registered participants will need a laptop/computer with a camera and sound. Participants who attend all sessions, complete asynchronous assignments, implement with students, and share their work will be eligible to earn up to a total of 8 free STEM clock hours and small implementation stipend through CLIME TIME Funding.

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