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December 8, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Preparing to implement a high school unit with climate science themes

Secondary Science Teachers… You are invited to join our ISB team and STEM professionals!

Please register as a team of teachers: recruit colleagues from a whole department, a whole district cadre of a specific science course, PLC, or other collaborative team.

Learn about both the interdisciplinary science of ocean acidification, and hands-on ways of exploring ocean acidification with your students. The focal curriculum module will allow students in physical science, life science, and marine science courses to act as interdisciplinary scientists and delegates to investigate how the changing carbon cycle will affect the oceans along with their integral populations. Students closely model what is occurring in laboratories worldwide and at ISB through Dr. Monica Orellana’s research to analyze the effect carbon dioxide has on ocean chemistry, ecosystems and human societies. Students experiment, analyze public data, and prepare for a mock summit to address concerns. Student groups represent key “interest groups” and design experiments to observe the effects of carbon dioxide on seawater pH, diatom growth, algal blooms, nutrient availability, and/or shell dissolution.

You will also connect with other teachers and scientists to support the implementation of this module in your classroom.

Funding provided by the Washington State Legislature through the ClimeTime proviso and is available to Washington State teachers only.

  • 12 STEM clock hours available
  • Stipend for attending: $200

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