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We are concurrently experiencing two global crises – the climate crisis and COVID-19. What are connections between the two? Why are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities disproportionately affected by both? Participants will have the opportunity to explore these questions and more in this STEM Seminar on Climate Change and COVID. In addition to facilitators from Washington Green Schools and ESD 112, we will have two guest speakers: Dr. Isabel Carrera Zamanillo from the University of Washington College of the Environment will present on climate justice connections, and Dr. Carrie Tzou, Professor and Director of the Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal at UW Bothell, will share strategies and instructional resources for teaching about COVID-19.

This workshop will include a 4-hour live Zoom session and two hours of asynchronous work (one hour of work completed before the live session, one hour of work completed after the live session).

Teachers will receive a $150 participation stipend upon completion of the entire 6 hour STEM Seminar experience.

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